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CODAN Limited is a company within the CODAN group and has been servicing the NHS and British healthcare for many years. The CODAN Group is today one of the worldwide leading suppliers of disposable devices for infusion therapy.

Our comprehensive range of products includes solution sets, transfusion blood sets, burettes, syringes, extension sets, 3-way taps, cytotoxic handling products, accessories products, speciality sets and much more.

CODAN Limited also has an Industrial Division, supplying specialist products aimed at the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

All our disposable medical products are produced in modern CODAN factories throughout Europe.

Our aim is to service the British healthcare market with cost-effective quality product that meets the need of the clinicians. Our Web-site is designed to assist visitors with queries regarding our products and services, and create a forum to develop and improve the understanding and practice of intravenous therapy.


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